Sunday, 12 October 2014

My ASOS delivery experience

ASOS Swing Dress with contrast collar: (buy here)
For most of you shopping online is probably an every day experience but for me it's not. Online shopping is not very popular in Bulgaria and most people find it unsafe and inconvinient. But recently I went on the site and fell in love with a dress. I was searching for a dress with a Peter Pan collar for so long and when I saw it I couldn't resist but add it to my bag. ( moreover it was on sale for  €14 so it was a bargain) This was the first time that I was shopping online except for when I buy songs and apps in iTunes, so I wasn't very familiar with how things work. I placed my order on the 16  of September and on the following day I got a confirmation email which said that my order was going to arrive on 26 or before ( since i live quite far away from England it takes more time to arrive) So I waited very patiently until the 26. I stayed home and waited for my order to arrive... and waited... and waited but no one came. I wasn't very pleased with that so I contacted ASOS the following evening. To my surprise they answered me very quickly and told me to wait until the 1  of October because there has been some post delays. So that's what I did and guess what - I spent my whole day at home and  it didn't arrive again. I got a bit frustrated and wrote another email to ASOS. Again they answered me very quickly and told me that because my order didn't have a tracking number they couldn't tell me where it was and I should wait another 5 working days for it to arrive. I wasn't very pleased with their answer so I wrote to my local post office. It turned out that I had to go to the post office and ask for a parcel for me to actually get my order. On the next day i went and finally got my dress half a month after I had placed my order.  I was quite angry with Bularian posts because they could at least tell me that a parcel had arrived for me but no I had to go there and wait for half an hour for a woman to search for my name in a notebook.  As for the dress  - it was  exactly what i expected, the fabric is nice and the quality is OK. The only problem is the size because it is a bit too big but i still  like it. So if you are ordering something online I would recommend you checking your local post on the date said  on your confirmation email and if you haven't received your parcel contact  ASOS and they will tell you what to do :)

P.S if you want to see how i style the dress live a comment down. below and I might do it :))

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