Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Product review #1 Schauma dry shampoo and LOreal volume Million Lashes

I have had only one dry shampoo before I purchased this one and it... well let's just say it didn't work 
quite well. I used to have one from the German drugstore DM by their brand Belea and it was a disaster. I followed all of the instructions written on the back of the product but every time I used it instead of making my hair look better it made it even greasier. Since then I didn't even dare to check what other brands they offered until yesterday. In Bulgaria dry shampoos are not as popular as they are in the USA or the UK so they don't offer that many brands. I opted for the Schauma one because my aunt told me she was very pleased by it and i totally agree with her. It really does what it said - it instantly make your hair look as though you have just washed it and you can literally go one or two days more without washing it.  The only disadvantage is that you have to be careful when you apply it and spray for just a second because it leaves white on your hair but if you follow the instructions written on the back you will be fine. I am definitely going to repurchase this when I run out. 

I didn't expect too much from this mascara but when I tried it at home I really liked it. I naturally have long lashes but they are a little bit sparse. The mascara makes them even longer, which i really like, but it also makes them look more volumes and fluttery. What I enjoy the most is that it is buildable so you can apply just a little bit for a more natural make up, or you can go crazy and build it up for a night-out. 

Two coats of mascara
No mascara

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