Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Whishlist #2

This one turned out a little bit more formal... but oh well... it looks like I am more on the classy side this month.
So recently I have been eyeing things that are more mature and I know that not everybody likes this style but I decided to share the items that I have been "wishing" for for the last couple of weeks anyway.
1.The first thing is this stunning gold watch. I don't wear watches that much, so I don't really own that many but when I was on the TopShop website the other day I just fell in love with this one and I couldn't resist putting it in my WishList. It is very feminine, classy and since it is such a neutral colour you can wear it with pretty much everything. TopShop (buy here)
2. I got quite bored with skater skirts and all sorts of flared skirts and I am really into pencil skirts at the minute. This one is from H&M. It has a zip in the back and a slit and also a little leather part that resembles a belt.( buy here)
3. You know me and my collars. This shirt is from Tally Weijl and not only does it have a contrasting collar but also  a little bow-tie detail in the front. I think that it would look very nice paired with the pencil skirt that I just talked about but also tucked in high-waisted jeans or pants. (buy here)
4. And here comes my favourite thing of the whole WishList. This is the  Rockateur cheek powder form Benefit and lets just take a moment and appreciate how beautiful this is. I think that this will give you just the perfect and most natural glow on your cheeks and also it is perfect for this weather. I adore the packaging, it is so pretty and unique. It also comes with a mirror and a brush which not everybody uses but it is handy. (buy here)
5. Another make-up related thing is this Naked palette form Urban Decay. It is their Basic one and it has some very neutral and matt shades for everyone who is just starting to wear more make-up and doesn't want to go  over the top. I also really like the Naked 3 and the Naked 2 palettes. (buy here)
6. And finally we got to the last item in this WishLish. Now I know these shoes are not everyone's cup of tea and probably most of you are thinking "What the heck?!" but I just really like them. I saw them in one of Gabby's hauls  Velvetgh0st on YouTube. And I think she rocks them. I am not too sure if I can pull them off as good as she does but I want to give them a go. (buy here)

This was it for my WishLish for this month. I am sorry it is up that late in the month but I just didn't have any time. I hope you enjoyed it and I would love it if you guys leave your items that you have been "wishing" for in the comments down below. 

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