Friday, 5 December 2014

Winter day-in must haves

For this post I decided to put together some of my must haves for a winter day when I am just chilling at home by myself  or with a friend.
1. First and most important item is cosy pyjamas. These ones are from H&M (as most of the things) and they are super adorable and comfortable. The bottoms are in one of my favourite colours - navy blue, they have a snowflake pattern and a cute bow on the waist band. They are made out of cotton so they are very soft and cosy. The top is just a plain wite top with a lace trimming on the sleeves and the bottom. (buy here) and (here)
2. Hot chocolate with whipped cream sprinkled with some cocoa powder - heaven. This is the perfect drink because it is super tasty and also very warm so that it will keep you warm during the cold days.
3. I literally can't live without slippers. They are a life-saver for me when it comes to winter because my feet are always cold. These ones have similar pattern to the pyjama bottoms and they have a fur lining inside them so they are extra warm. Again these are from H&M (buy here)
4. Another life-saver for my feet are thick socks. These come in two different colours - navy blue and red. (buy here)
5. During the winter time my skin gets very dry and nasty so I have to use something to keep it nice and soft. I chose the I love..Strawberry and milkshake range because I love the smell, the colour and the packaging of the products. I haven't tried them yet, but I am considering to buy them, so I don't know if they are good, but if you have tried them it would be nice if you say what you think about them in the comment down below. I chose the body lotion, hand cream and body butter. They are not very expensive and you can find them in any drugstore.
6. And last but definitely NOT least the Harry Potter book series. (Writing this as I am preparing to watch the first movie) I mentioned the books in my previous post and I could not say anything about them. I love the series, I love J.K Rollings and I love all of the characters, the story and everything. When I was little I always watched the movies with my family around Christmas time so I always associate them with Christmas. They remind me of my childhood and I always reread and rewatch them around this time of the year. I feel like the characters are so real and I can really connect withe them. If you haven't read the books I definitely recommend that you do it because they are a lot better than the movies and also you understand the story a lot better beecause there are a lot of thing that are missing in the movies.

This is everything that I have for you taday. I would love it if you share your winter must haves in the comments so that I can read them and connect with you! :)

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