Friday, 30 January 2015

What's in my Make-up Bag and Make-up Starter Kit

For today's blog post I have decided to show you what I have in my make-up bag. I am not too much of a make-up girl and most of the time I don't wear make-up but we all have some special days when we want to fell a little bit prettier and put a little bit more effort. The things that I have are quite basic so they are perfect for someone who is just starting to experiment with makeup and doesn't want to go all out. Before I start I should tell you that I am not in any means a professional make-up artist and I am not telling you what you should or should not buy I am just sharing my opinion on some products that you might want to start with. All of the items that you will see either I have bought myself or my mum has bought for me. 

The first thing is my make up bag. It's just a plain pink, standart size make up bag that my mum got when she bought a L'oreal set with a face cream, a toner and a cleansing milk a while ago. And since she was not using it she gave it to me so now I am using it to keep my make up nice and organised. :)

So lets begin with the things that are inside the bag. The first few items are my brushes. For my hair I have the blue and pink original Tangle Teezer. I bought it online but I am pretty sure they have it in most Drug stores. So many bloggers have raved about this bad boy and I agree with them. I have quite long hair that really likes to get tangled and I struggled a lot with finding a good brush and I think I now have found it. Then I have a standart powder brush that is quite flat so I like to use it when applying blusher. It by the brand Essence. Next I have my foundation brush. It is a flat brush and I have to say that I am not highly impressed by it and I am thinking about buying a flat top foundation brush. You can leave your opinion about that in the comments. And the last thing is this set of eye brushes. The are by the brand Ecotools and I really like them because they come in a little bag and are quite small so you can carry them around in your bag. There are five brushes in the set and they are all different. I don't use them that much because I very rarely use eye shadows but I really like them.

Next are my eye stuff. First are my eyelash curlers. My mum gave them to me and they are quite old but they still do a good job, although probably I will have to go and buy some new ones. Next I have two eye liners one of which you have seen in a previous post. They are both by Hean and they are black, but one of them is an  eyeliner pen and it has a slender tip and  the other one is liquid. For mascara I have the Maybelline Rocket Mascara.  It is the perfect mascara for a starter kit because it is very voluming and gives a lot of separation and also is very easy to use. And for eye shadow, don't use that often I have this Virtual quattro that has some very pretty neutral shades that have a little bit of shimmer .     

For lips I have only three products. The first one is this lipstick from Virtual. It is a very pretty nude shade that is more on the pink side. Next is my Nivea Essential Care lip balm (that you also saw in my Mini Beauty Haul blogpost). And the lat thing is the Baby Lips by Maybelline which most of you have probably already heard of. I have the Peach one and it has the slightest hint of colour and shimmer. And is also very moisturising.

And next are probably my most used products and these are the face products. I have the Rimmel Match Perfection foundation and the Rimmel Wake me up concealer. I use these two together when I am having a bad skin day or I need some more coverage. Sometimes when I don't have a lot of time I will just use the Hean CC cream with the a little bit of concealer and when I have a good skin day I will just use the concealer for under my eyes. To set everything in place I use whatever powder I have lying around. I used  an Essence All about Matt fixing compact powder (which is white) but I ran out of it so now I am using this loose powder by the brand Joko. If I am feeling a little bit more special or I have some time to spare I apply blusher to contour my face a bit. I am using these blusher balls by Hean and I am really happy with them. As for brows I have this eyebrow kit by Avon in the colour soft brown.

And last but not least I have some wet wipes, if I mess up something (it happens to all of us..) , some cotton buds and this little case which has everything you need for your nails. 

This is everything for today I hope you enjoyed this post and I will talk to you soon... :)

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