Saturday, 14 February 2015

Flower Nail-Art Tutorial


Hello every one! For this blog post I am going to show you how to make this beautiful Flower nail-art.
You are going to need:
1. A very light nail polish with a skin colour or very light pink for the base of your french manicure.
2. Black nail polish
3.White nail polish
4. A nail polish in a colour of your choice for the flower
5. Top coat (optional)
6. And a thin and long brush for nail-art (similar to these ones)

The first thing that you want to do is to apply your base colour.
You want to apply two coats of this and wait for it to dry completely.
The next thing is to make your french manicure. If you are not confident in your skills you can use stencils for this part. It makes everything a lot easier but if you have done this before you can try and draw the line yourself. What I do is that i slide the brush along the nail and try to keep the line as straight as I can. Don't worry if it doesn't look good the first time... practise makes perfect.

Then comes the tricky part where you have to draw the petals of your flower. You want to draw four little petals using the thin brush and  don't worry if they don't look perfect because we are going to outline them later and fix everything that we've messed up.
I would recommend that you use a more pigmented colour for this (unlike I did) because you want it to be visible on the black.
Next we are going to outline our flower. You can use the same brush just clean it with some nail polish remover and you are good to go. You want to outline your flowers very carefully because this is how your flower is going to look at the end so take your time with this step. Next you want to make a little dot in the centre of the flower. For this step you can use a dotting tool if you have or a tooth pick.
The last part id my favourite because you get to decorate the flower as you like. For mine I put some little lines in each petal coming from the centre and I put some small white dots. To make the nail design look a little bit more finished I added some line coming out of the flower with the black and put some dots here and there. You can make yours like mine or you can make different designs or get really creative and switch it up. 

If you try this out yourself I will be very happy to see your attempts. You can tag me on your photos on any social media and I will be looking through your creations. 

XoXo Moni :)

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