Wednesday, 8 April 2015


Hello everyone! It feels like ages since I last updated you on this blog. I am sorry about that. Just for a little update before I go into this post my birthday passed (obviously). It wasn't as traumatic as I thought it was going to be and in fact I got some pretty nice presents and had a good time. I spent it with my family and my little cousin was there to cheer me up. And right now I feel like absolutely nothing has changed (as I expected). I am not going to bore you anymore with my boring life and I will jump right into the post.

As you have probably already understood from the tittle and the picture that  this is going to be a OOTD type of post. The weather here in Bulgaria has been awful recently and when I say awful I mean rain, low temperatures and even SNOW in April... are you for real?! So I have been craving some sun and I combined this outfit for when the weather gets better (which I hope will be soon). 
So for a top I chose this lovely shirt from H&M. I got it quite a while ago but I haven't had the chance to wear it yet. It is navy blue and it has white triangles all over it - some pointing upwards, others downwards. It is a peplum style (which has been my obsession since summer 2014) and it has 3/4 length sleeves. Unfortunately it is not available on the website but you can check in your local H&M to see if they have it.
For bottoms I have been loving these jeans. They are from a store called Caliope which unfortunately I think is available only in some countries in Europe. They are high-waisted and what really got me about them is the colour. They are not dark, but they are also not light, they are just in the middle and they are a good transition from dark jeans in the winter to light in the summer. The are super stretchy and comfortable. A friend of mine and me both got the same pair.
For shoes I went for these ones which I got for my birthday and I absolutely love them. They are also from H&M and are pretty similar to these ones (click here) but a shiny version. I think they are very classic and go with everything, and they are the type of shoes that you can't go wrong with.
The bag you have already seen in a previous post. It is also from H&M (shop here it is not the exact one but they its pretty similar). And just to finish it all off I chose these glasses that I got a while ago. I am the worst with glasses because I can never find ones that suit my face. They are either too big or look ridiculous. I am not sure if these look good but they are the only ones that I have. 
And last but not least I decided to throw in a book that I am reading at the minute. It is called "The longest ride" and it's written by Nicholas Sparks. There is a movie version coming out soon and I really wanted to read the book before I saw the movie. 
So this is it for this blog post. I really hope that you enjoyed it. I would love it if you guys share your fashion favourites in the comments. I will definitely be reading through them.
xoxo Mony :))

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  1. Hope you had a lovely birthday! I need to pop into H&M as those shoes are gorgeous!

    1. I really did thank you! And they are beautiful, aren't they. I can't wait for the weather to get better and wear them out! :))


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