Monday, 18 May 2015

Swimwear Summer 2015

Hello everyone! I hope you have a good start of the week. As usual today at school we had a bomb signal so we had to "evaculate". This has happened three times this month and I doubt it is going to stop soon because it's almost the end of the year and people just don't want to go to school. So since I came back home at 14:20 (this term in Bulgaria we start school at 13:30 and finish at 18:25. Previous term we started at 07:30 and finished at 13:30) I had the whole day to myself and instead of studting for tomorrow I backed some cookies and looked at clothing websites all day. I made this little set of swimsuits and swim and beach wear in general. These are some of the things that caught my eyes. I hope you like them. 

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1. The first ting is this kimono from Bershka (you can buy it here). Kimonos are really popular this season and they can be worn over a tank top and some shorts or even over your swimsuit if you are going to the pool or for a nice relaxing day at the beach. This one is quite long so it is perfect since it is going to cover most of your  body and it's floral which is always a plus.
2. Hats are essential in the summer time because you have to protect your face and eyes from the sun. This one is from H&M    (buy here). It is very summery and what caught my eyes is the black bow. I was about to buy the hat today when I realised that is was a size L and apparently I have quite small head so it looked horrendous.
3.Going to the beach without a bag is like going to school without your notebooks. You need a big bag so that you can fit all of your beach essentials like sunscreen, towel, glasses, snacks.This one is from Bershka and I think it goes really well with the hat. It is the perfect beach bag because it is not going to get dirty and it has one big pocket where you can fit everything you need.    (you can buy it here)
4. If you are not OK with showing too much skin and going just with a kimono playsuits are perfect for you. You can also wear them on everyday basis because with some accessories they make a very casual and comfortable outfit. I love the colours of this one from Stradivarius. It hangs very loosely around you body and it has s string so that you can tighten it around your waist.    (buy here)
5.Flip flops or sandals as you may call them are next on my list. These ones are from New Look and are super cute. The pastel colour goes perfectly with the whole theme of this post. I don't have anything too much to say about them  so.. yeah.    (buy here)
6. And last but not least on the list of accessories and clothing are sunglasses. They are as important as hats are because you want to protect your eyes. These ones are from Boohoo. I have quite a difficult time buying glasses because it appears that I have quite a small face and big glasses swallow me up. But I think these ones would be good and will fit quite well.    (buy here)
And now comes my favourite part. Since last year I got obsessed with swimming suits. Last year I bought a white bikini top for H&M which had black polka dots all over it and for bottoms I got some light blue ones with ruffles along the top. They looked great together but the top turned yellow after I swam in a pool so I had to buy a new one but the problem was that it happened in august when all bikini top were sold and they had only big sizes or ugly ones so this whole year I spend searching the web for a new one.
7. The first one and probably my favourite one is from Boohoo. It has an aztec print and high waisted bottoms. High waisted bottoms look very trendy and are perfect for someone who doesn't want to show too much of their tummy but the only downfall is that you are going to end up with quite a funny lines   .(buy here)
8. These ones have a very similar bottoms to the ones that I got from H&M last year. The top also has ruffles and a gap. This type of swimming suit is very popular these days and you can see a lot of people wearing them. My favourite thing about it is the colour. Pastel pink is my life.    (buy here)
9. And last is the swimming suit that i went for this year. I bought it because the top is going to go with my blue bottoms that I don't have a top for anymore. It is blue and has a floral pattern which if you haven;t noticed already is my favourite. It has straps which is very convenient and the top has this popular twist in the front but other than that it is quite a standard swimsuit.

This is everything that I have for you today. I hope you enjoyed this post and get excited because summer is just around the corner. :)
xoxo Moni :)

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