Thursday, 27 August 2015

My Furry Friend Tag c(:

Since yesterday (26th Of August) was the National dog day I've decided that today's post would be dedicated to my little furry friend. So I hope you enjoy this little doggy post :)
1.What is your pet's name?
Her name is Aira, which probably sounds like a male name in English but believe me in Bulgaria is a very common name for a female dog.
2.What kind of pet is it and what breed?
It is a mixture between an American cocker spaniel and an English cocker.
3.How long have you had your pet?
I took her home when she was only 45 days old and I've had her for 3 years.
4.What are some quirky things about your pet's personality?
She has a very strong character and she is one of those dogs who don't like being petted or stroked by strangers. She is not friendly to other dogs, apart from homeless ones, which she adores and that is why we always joke that she is Robin Hood :D But to us she is the sweetest dog. She loves car journeys, although she can't sit still for more than 5 minutes and goes from window to window. 

(this is a picture I took of her right after she had her first hair cut so she looks like a boy)

5.How old is your pet?
As I already mentioned she is 3 years old.
6.How did you get your pet?
Funny story I didn't really want a dog. I have always been a cat person and I really wanted to get a cat for my birthday but because I had a hamster at that time I didn't want to risk it's life so I chose to get a dog. I found Aira in an advertisement on the Internet, my dad called and I had to wait for 2 weeks until she was old enough for me to take her home. Because she was born in another city ,she had to come with a bus so we got her from the bus station and I remember it was Easter Sunday. She was crying so loudly that you could hear her even from the other side of the world. It was raining so I put her under my jacket and went in the car. It was the best day in my life.
7.What are some of your favourite past time with your dog?
I love stroking her because her fur is so soft.  Every morning once I get out of the bed I sit on the couch and she lays in my lap. One of our favourite games to play together is catch. She loves running after sticks in the park and carrying stick that are too big for her.
an example:

9. What are the nicknames you call your pet?
The name Aira is very rarely used in our household. Everyone pretty much has their old nicknames for her. I like to call her Ruca or Rucemi which sounds strange and has nothing to do with her name but.. oh well. 

Do you have a pet, if so what kind and if you don't do you want to get one?

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