Sunday, 13 September 2015

August Favourites 2015

Hello everyone! I know it might be a little bit late for my August favourites but I decided to share the any way. These are some of my most used and loved products throughout the month  of August. I would love to hear yours so you can leave a comment down below saying what you been loving this month.
Avon Nailwear pro nail varnish in the shade Peppermint leaf
I love the Avon nail varnishes. They are very opic and have a good lasting power and what is more they are very inexpensive compared to other brands. They also have a flat brush which makes the application easier and quicker.
Rimmel London nail varnish in the shade Mary, Mary quite contrary
I don't really have to say much more for these than I said for the Avon ones. Again these nail varnishes have a flat brush and good lasting power. However, some of them do not have the best pigmentation. Unfortunately you have to apply at least three coats of this nail polish to get a nice opic colour. But I love this shade and I have been wearing it like crazy throughout the whole summer. It is the perfect pastel lilac for my skin.
Dove Invisible Dry deodorant
This is hands down the best deodorant as I have been using it for a very long time now and I don't think I am going to change my opinion soon. I bought this deodorant as a part of a gift for my mother and since then I have completely used up three cans myself. I even bought the roll on version.It smells incredible and what got me was that it doesn't really smell like a perfume but it has a really clean and fresh scent. It has a very good lasting power and it doesn't stain your clothes whatsoever. If you are looking for a good deodorant I definitely recommend trying this one.

Hean CC Cream in the shade Natural
I spoke about this one in my Mini beauty haul. If you've missed this post you can check it out by clicking here. I love this for the summer because when it's hot outside you don't really want to wear too much make up and this feels very light on the face but it also gives you a good coverage. 
Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser.
I know I am quite late on the party but this is a new finding of mine since we didn't have these in Bulgaria for quite a lot time. I  love popping this on my nose, chin and everywhere where I think my skin doesn't feel nice and soft . It smooths out your skin and makes your foundation look a lot better. You can use it on it's own are underneath your foundation and it will make your pores less visible.
Ziaja Goat's Milk Body Lotion
My aunt used this and she recommended it to me when i was searching for a good body lotion for the summer. This is a Polish brand and the main ingredient in their products is goat's milk. The lotion comes in a very simple and plain bottle. It has an amazing scent. It moisturises your skin nicely and it sinks in very quickly so you are not sticky for a very long time.
Zdrave cream
Now if you are from Bulgaria you are pretty familiar with this cream because it is a must have in every household. Unfortunately it is a Bulgarian brand and I am not sure if you can get it somewhere else. I have been using this creme since I was a little child. It helps with everything - blisters, wounds, scratches... etc. Name it and this creme will fix it. At the minute I am using the light formula. I apply this on my face every night before I go to bed and it really helps with spots. If you have any they heal a lot quicker than normal and if you don't it prevents them from coming. It is just an amazing cream.

And last but not least, my book favourite of the month is All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven. But do not get misguided by the cover and the title because it is not the happiest of books. It is a young adult book and it follows the story of a boy and a girl both of whom have something in common - wanting to kill themselves. I didn't really expect too much from this book but I was actually pleasantly surprised. I am not going to give out any spoilers because you will have to read it for yourself but the book is very emotional. I loved the story and the characters and if I have to be honest I cried a little bit :D . I would be definitely rereading this very soon.

This is all I have for you today. I hope you've enjoyed this post and if you've tried any of the products that I spoke about leave your opinion on them in the comments down below and we can discuss them. Hope you have an amazing September. 
xoxo  Mony :)
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Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Back to School... Stationary Haul


Probably for most of you school has started already, which means that this post is slightly pointless for you, but I start school at the 15 of September ( most hated date in Bulgaria) and as usual this is one of the most stressful time of the year. What I normally do to get through this period is go shopping for supplies that I am mos probably not going to use. This year is my last year of school and naturally is wasn't an exception. Although I did buy a lot less than usual. I went shopping with my mum to this big shop in Bulgaria called Jumbo which is pretty much the same thing as Target so I wanted to share with you what I bought. 

 Last year I really went overboard with notebooks and I have so much that they would last me a lifetime but I couldn't just leave the shop without getting some new ones and these three made their way into my basket. The first one I liked mainly because of what is says on the cover " Life always offers you a second chance. It's called tomorrow." I love quotes like this one and this is literally my motto in life. Another thing about this notebook is that it has a spiral thingy on the side which is very handy and also hard covers. Now we all know how messy our school bags can get and having a hard cover notebook which is not going to get all squished inside is vital. Which is why the other two notebooks that I got also have hard covers. Last year I had a similar notebook to the one with the bird and flower but with a different design and I can say that this was my favourite notebook and it still is because I haven't even reached the middle of it. It has so many pages that you can write down so much information in it and you will still have a lot of space. And the last one I fell in love with the design. With that black line on the side and the label in the front I think it looks very vintage and I love it. It also has a timetable which is always a plus. I also got some highlighter markers in all the neon colours they had available and a packet of neon pencils to go with them. Going along with the neon theme I also got some page markers because I had some last year and I didn't really use them too much but I want to try and use them more this year. And lastly I got some pens because no matter how many pens I buy I always either lose them or I give one to someone and never see it again. So I bought the most boring ones there were and this concludes my back to school stationary haul. I hope you've enjoyed this post and I would love to see what you got for going back to school. And if you have any ideas for back to school post that you would like to see me do put them in the comments below.. 

... xoxo Mony...
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Thursday, 3 September 2015

Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation Review...

Hello guys! Today I am going to be reviewing the Rimmel Lasting Finish foundation. Before I begin I just want to say that yes the colour that I got doesn't really seem to match me right now because I was on holiday and I have quite a lot of tan but it does suit my natural skin colour and I am hoping that my tan will fade out quickly so that I can wear again. I am going to stop boring you about me and I will jump right into the review.
So the packaging of the foundation states the following "Full coverage foundation enriched with a comfort serum. Instant perfect coverage that feels extra comfortable and lasts all day." It says it last up to 25 hours and it has an SPF of 20.
 As you may or may not know I also have the Rimmel match Perfection foundation and I have both of them in the same shade. The first thing that I noticed was  that the Lasting Finish is slightly darker than the Match Perfection and it is less liquidy. The two foundations have similar textures but the Lasting finish has better coverage and it really last longer than the Match Perfection. I haven't worn it for 25 hours but it does last all day. The first time that I tried the foundation I found that it looked a little bit cakey, blotchy and it was really obvious that I was wearing foundation, but after some time it had really blended into my skin and you couldn't really notice it. And I find that throughout the day it looks better.  
It feels very light on the skin and  you can't really tell you have foundation on your face. It blends very well and it has a very nice finish. It is not dewy like the Match Perfection but it's also not matt and drying at all so I thing it would work with all skin types. As an overall I think it is a great drugstore foundation and I will definitely be repurchasing it. It has good coverage and at the same time it doesn't feel heavy or uncomfortable. Have you use it and if you have what is your opinion on it? 
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