Monday, 29 February 2016


Have you ever felt alone? As if there is no one there  to hold your hand, look into your eyes with an encouraging expression and just be there - next to you, where you can feel the heat of their body, the scent of their perfume. Can I have a guess? The answer is yes. Even though we don't always admit it loneliness is a feeling that everyone experiences from time to time. It is not a crime to feel lonely, it is not a crime to feel sad, and it is definitely not a crime to seek human's appreciation.

 It is not often that we look into the mirror and think "My life is perfect and I have everything I need" There's always this little piece missing from the image of the person with the perfect life. There's always that question in the back of your head "But what if I had... or what if I was...?" Even something as little and simple  as a gesture or a word can change someone's day and fill in that space until a new one opens. 

I like to consider every person as a small separate galaxy, with its own time and space, where time passes at a different speed and the sun shines from a different angle. There are no two identical galaxies,  there are just some that complete each other perfectly when combined. You need another galaxy to feel full, to feel valuable, to feel alive. There are times when we might be surrounded by people, different galaxies with a range of shapes and sizes. But none of these is the perfect match for ours. These are the moments when we feel alone, when we feel incomplete and broken. Sometimes there are people who surround themselves with others  in a desperate desire to feel humans touch, they are the ones that seem as if they are the happiest people on  earth, but on the inside they might be feeling the loneliest. And there are others who have had only a couple of friends in their live but on the inside they feel complete, accomplished....happy. It is not the number that is important, it is the value of the relationship you have with a person. Don't go after quantity, but seek quality...
It is inevitable to feel alone, it is inevitable to feel miserable, but there is always hope and it is called TOMORROW. As cliche as it may sound it is true. Feelings are never constant. The mood is like a roller coaster. It can go from its highest point to its lowest or vice versa in seconds.  How you might be feeling today does not determine how you are going to feel tomorrow. Do not dwell on past experiences and live your life for the moment, because yesterday has already passed and tomorrow might not come. Now is all we have and can control so what are you waiting for?

This is probably a little bit of an odd post but these are some thoughts that have occupied my mind in the past few weeks and I decided to share them here with you. If I have somehow provoked your thoughts on the subject I would love it if even one of you shares them in the comments down below... I hope you enjoyed it and I will be back with other new post as soon as I can!
xoxo Mony :)

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